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Client Testimonials

Here are some comments describing Torse service and dedication from our clients:

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"We initially engaged Torse after being switched over to out-of-contract rates which significantly increased our electricity and gas expenditure. Torse searched the market to find us the cheapest rates and then ensured the supplier change went smoothly without issue. If I ever have issues with our supplier, Torse are always on hand to resolve the problem on our behalf. Excellent customer service, would recommend without hesitation."

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"Torse have managed G R & M M Blackledge’s energy procurement since 2007 across all of our 120 national stores. Their client management team are able to effectively and efficiently deal with any arising issues and pro-actively engage our energy suppliers in ensuring we receive the best available rates. I would have no hesitation in recommending Torse as a sensible, professional energy broker."

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Red Roof Surgery

"Torse have supported Red Roofs Surgery in tendering and negotiating our energy requirements for the past five years. Throughout this period, they have assisted us in modifying our energy purchasing strategy to account for the extreme volatility in energy prices. Torse were able to offer advice on how to navigate through issues that inevitably occur when managing our energy contracts – They are knowledgeable, reliable and an approachable energy brokers that allows us to fully focus on our business."

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Preston Farms

"Torse have managed to save Preston Farms considerable money on our energy costs. They have sourced the cheapest energy contracts, as well as recommending we take on a longer supplier contract given the market price increases. Our existing supplier at the time provided competitive renewal rates, yet Torse allowed us to make further savings based on their procurement process."

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"Torse have enabled Plastube to dramatically reduce our gas and electricity energy expenditure through their effective procurement service. Their market knowledge and negotiation ability allow Plastube to consistently benefit from improved contract rates, time after time. The Torse account management teams are proactive, enthusiastic and take real ownership of our account. They ensure that Plastube do not fall into suppliers ‘cynical practices’, like being penalised by out of contract rates. The Torse team provide energy management advice that is clear, concise and supports our decision making process. Being particularly beneficial when our supplier at the time ceased trading, leaving us with substantial Direct Debit payments, which couldn’t be backed up with VAT invoices. Essentially, Torse provide reassurance and excellent service, allowing us to focus on our business."

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