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Lindhurst Engineering was formed in 1985 initially to provide innovative solutions to the UK mining market, focusing particularly on the operational functionality of coal-face equipment. More recently, the company has focused upon green technologies, in particular, biomass digestion units used to produce gas from a new form of anaerobic digestion with increased efficiency and reduced physical footprint. As part of the Torse Ltd Sustainable Energy Study Torse staff interviewed Martin Rigley, Managing Director of Lindhurst Engineering about the biomass technologies they are currently developing. You can also see more information about the company by visiting

Video Content

00:21 > 01:00 - Introduction to Lindhurst Engineering
01:01 > 02:14 – Overview of the biomass project with the University of Nottingham
02:15 > 03:11 -  Biomass application for local agriculture
03:14 > 04:09 – Main Barriers for the uptake of sustainable energy technologies
04:10 > 05:25 – Public concerns about new sustainable energy technologies
05:26 > 07:43 – Advice for companies similar to Lindhurst Engineering
07:44 > 09:22 – The future of green tech and biomass anaerobic digestion

Category : Alternatives / Carbon Emissions / Energy Production / Going Green / Legislation

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