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CRC Sign Up: Let Torse manage your CRC Obligations

At present, there is a certain amount of change and confusion at all levels regarding the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. Phase 1 (Organisations consuming over 6MWhs of energy per year on a settled, half hourly meter) is currently underway and all participating organisations are now confirmed. If you think you organisation should be

The start of Phase 2 has yet to be decided by the UK Government (Environment Agency), including start and end dates and expected participants. What we do know is that the start of Phase 2, originally planned to start in April 2011, will now not begin until 2012, giving time for the Government to consult relevant parties in how to go forward with the scheme. You can be sure Torse are fully participating within these discussions, offering advice and guidance based on our experience of registering existing clients for Phase 1.

As and when more information is available, Torse will be the first to bring you an independent view of the implemented policies and procedures.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, Torse are able to provide you with complete compliance throughout the scheme. By registering with Torse, it allows us to worry about your obligations so you don't have to. Despite the size or consumption of your organisation, Torse will collate data enabling us to inform you as and when action is required.

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