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Torse Ltd presented at the Environmental Technology Centre‘s breakfast meeting this morning which was entitled “Sustainability, The Impossible Dream?”. The ETC are based at Nottingham University. Below is the video created by Torse to highlight some key issues for the presentation and you can also download the sustainability and profitability handout diagram used by Torse to present their ideas.

Video Content

0:21 > 1:24 Energy price rises and trends from Jerome Baddley, Nottingham Energy Partnership
1:24 > 4:15 What low cost activities can businesses do to reduce energy costs?
4:15 > 4:49 What medium cost activities can businesses engage with?
4:49 > 5:24 When should technologies be considered?
5:24 > 6:30 Keith Baker discusses the sort of technologies that could be considered?
6:30 > 7:43 Example of Lake Source Heat Pumps at the Sir Colin Campbell building
7:43 > 8:49 Tree surgeons who have changed to more sustainable and profitable working practice
8:49 > 9:30 Best options for a typical city based business

Category : Alternatives / Carbon Emissions / Energy Production / Going Green / Legislation

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