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Smart Meter Installation

Why Consider Smart Meters?

Metering technology now exists for business to have a clear and accurate view of their business energy consumption. By switching from your old meter to a smart meter, it ensures you are charged for your actual consumption, signaling the end of estimated billing and meter readings.

Smart meters provide precise information, allowing the accurate monitoring of your organisations energy consumption.Whats more, smart meters denote an end to reading your own meter or waiting for a supplier representative to arrive. Improved information means better energy management, greater efficiency and value for your business.

Benefits of Smart Meters

Accurate Consumption Data

Accurate Energy Billing

Turnkey Smart Meter Installation

Access to online reporting

No More Estimated Billing

No meter readings required

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Smart Meter Overview

As an independent organisation, all Torse fitted meters retain the interoperability between suppliers, meaning you keep the ability to choose and change suppliers. Supplier installed smart meters will often tie you to long-term contracts at nonnegotiable rates.

Torse's meters are supplied and installed by a UK wide approved meter operator with parts and labour warranted for up to 5 years.

All Torse's smart metering installations include a license to access the Online Energy Reporting platform, a powerful online reporting tool for business energy consumption data. The online reporting platform can be accessed using browser based software (internet browsers) and supports a variety of analytical tools including time comparisons, benchmarking, bill checking and reporting to view your energy usage in both data and graphical formats.

Contact Torse

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Torse Smart Meter Services

  • Discussion and scope regarding the benefits of introducing a Smart Meter to your organisation
  • Full installation from a UK approved meter operator, ensuring minimal disruption throughout
  • Tendering your supplies to suitable Automated Meter Reader providers
  • Ensuring the smart meter configuration allows data to be used to maximum effect
  • Ensure that all billing reflects the recorded data to ensure accuracy and efficiency
  • Highlighting energy efficiency opportunities that will enable your business to decrease its consumption, thus saving money
  • Advising on the benefits of smart meter installation regarding the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

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