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Energy Reporting

Online Energy Reporting

In order to improve your organisations energy consumption, the visibility of your organisations existing energy efficiency is essential. The data collected by smart meters enables an accurate profile of power usage at you premises to be reported.

Torses online reporting platform allows you to access all required information when necessary, with ease. It provides a real-time, accurate record of your energy consumption, day and night, including costings. As the data is stored, online reporting enables you to see and compare how much energy you used the day before, week before and even the year before, and how your consumption changes in real time.

Benefits of Reporting

Identify where consumption occurs

By the hour, day, month or year

Clear costing information

Global access to reports

Real-time energy reports

Reporting 24/7, 365 days a year

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Monitoring and Control

Organisations now realise that there is a need to control energy use and expenditure. Careful monitoring of energy consumption can help organisations identify future savings and potential issues. As well as benefiting from accurate billing, smart meters record data that enables an accurate profile of power usage at your premises to be reported. .

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More Reporting Advantages

  • Facilitates accurate distribution of costs to profit or cost centres
  • Superior forecasting and formulation of utilities’ budgeting
  • Consumption displayed in data and graphical format to assist calculations
  • Superior consumption data visibility incentivises control methods and observation of results

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