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Warning SignWhat is E.on up to at the moment in the SME commercial energy market? Is there something sinister about E.on’s current behaviour? What’s it all about?

Over recent months E.on’s SME division have been sending out documentation to Brokers, Consultancies and sales agencies for signature relating to a ‘Code of Practice’ and a new ‘updated E.on contract’. Despite the increased efforts of Ofgem and the government to improve market liquidity [Big 6 forced to sell 25% of generation on wholesale market], some energy companies are still making efforts to erode the independent status of third parties; is this to be considered anti-competitive behaviour?


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Longer Term Energy ContractsHow can Torse protect businesses from predicted energy price rises over the next few years?

The economic recession perhaps does have something of a ‘silver lining’ for businesses at the moment. Supply and demand returns to playing a larger part in the price of Oil and Gas; fundamental influencers of the price of Power and Gas in the UK. Maybe something of an oversimplification, however, despite the best efforts of OPEC to maintain artificially high $ per barrel and a reduction in the volatility as the speculators struggle to manipulate the markets their way; we are experiencing a relatively low plateau in Energy prices. Whilst is doesn’t quite hark back to the days of early regulation, with huge savings and fixed prices for up to 5 years [hard to believe!], what we are beginning to see is a fragmented return of longer term business contracts, initially for gas, but also longer-term Electricity contracts. continue

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Sunlight NPowerWith 2011 proving to be a particularly turbulent year for worldwide energy prices, heads are now turning to what to expect in 2012.

With civil unrest in the Middle East unlikely to ease, mixed with increased export capabilities, wholesale prices are expected to fluctuate heavily. European leaders look likely to impose an oil embargo on Iran, with Tehran warning of rising tensions and likely retaliation.


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Energy contract agreement

Chris Huhne, UK Energy Secretary, has recently dismissed reports that the UK has the highest energy costs across Europe, whilst acknowledging that prices are rising both in the short and long term. He went to advise both domestic and commercial/ business customers to search the market to find the very best prices available. Given the lack of competition between many suppliers at the moment, Torse strongly agrees with Mr Huhne’s idea to ensure your business is getting the best value.

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