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Billing Validation

Service Overview

Electricity and gas suppliers are renowned for errors in their billing systems. This costs clients many thousands of pounds and generates millions in total for the suppliers.How can you be sure your bills don’t contain mistakes? How much are these mistakes costing you? How long has this been going on for?

The real issue lies in that many organisations don’t actually know if they’re being over charged and that’s where Torse can play a significant role in saving you time & money. Validating your utility bills is an important part of our service and could make huge differences to your energy expenditure.

The two main forms of billing validation are:

Billing Concerns

  • Concerned about or previously experienced inaccurate billing?
  • Estimated bills mean you're not sure what energy you've actually used?
  • Worried about the effects on your bills of possible meter faults?
  • Experienced incorrect application of your contracted tariffs?
  • Need an independent and objective evaluation of your current statistics?

Historic Validation

This allows Torse to re-visit your previous year’s energy bills in detail, to ascertain if and how much your organisation has overpaid in energy expenditure. Torse will then engage your supplier, and negotiate the return of over-payments.

Ongoing Validation

This allows Torse to check your monthly/quarterly bills as and when they are received based on the contract you’re using. Should anomalies be found, Torse will fully ensure these are corrected with the suppliers before any payments are made.

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Errors and Savings

On average, Torse have found that over 22% of our clients' bills contain errors. Of this 22%, clients can make savings of up to 9% on their annual energy expenditure by ensuring all bills are accurate and up-to-date.

Therefore, simply checking a bill against the contract rates is not necessarily the complete solution to ensure accurate billing. At Torse, we ensure all our clients’ bills are fully validated, not just in terms of total expenditure, but all the parts that combine to give you the total cost.

With a large proportion of your energy bills being made up of third party charges, it’s not necessarily the suppliers that are making errors.

Torse Promise

As and when information is obtained from different organisations to compile your bill, they all use different systems, procedures and personnel. It is inevitable that some errors will occur in your energy billing. Torse will ensure validation is correct and efficient.

If you would like more information on how Torse’s Billing Validation Services can help your business or simply have any questions, comments or queries regarding Torse please do not hesitate contact us on 0115 853 2120or email

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