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Environmental Assessment

Assessment Summary

An effective business energy procurement strategy alone is no longer sufficient to keep gas and electricity overheads low. Businesses must now also consider the effective and efficient use of energy, which is fundamental to reducing business overheads. Torse has experience in providing detailed and comprehensive environmental assessments of energy consumption and efficiency across varying industries.

Supporting businesses to identify wasted energy, inefficient practices or hardware, Torse can offer practical support on how to save costs by identifying and implementing ways of improving energy efficiency all of which is collated in a user friendly report.

We aim to provide the best evaluation of your energy needs to ensure you come back to us for contract after contract and we are proud to say that 96% of our clients have done this.

Service Benefits

Identify abnormal or excessive energy use through analysis

Propose actions to reduce gas or electricity usage

Reduce overall billing costs and improve your business profit margins

Load management monitoring, analysis and advice

Collate information on system stability and potential

Identify scope for Voltage optimisation, Power Factor correction

Identify scope for improvement in waste reduction and recycling

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Your Potential Savings

UK businesses waste billions of pounds every year due to inefficent energy management. Environmental assessments and resource monitoring are an area of expertise for Torse, allowing us to give you experienced and comprehensive assessments, providing advice which will allow you to affect your bottom line directly.

Savings due to energy efficiency can often save businesses 10% on energy cost overheads and such savings can also be introduced in quick succession once identified.

ETC Research Partnership

Our partnership with the Nottingham University Environment Technology Centre (ETC) means that we are able to arrange environmental assessment of your premises, providing a maximum of 5 days of onsite activity where your business is looked at and a solution tailored to meet requirements.

The service is backed by access to ground breaking and internationally acclaimed research and large scale equipment out of the reach of most businesses. Torse's energy industry combined with the Environment Technology Centre's academic understanding provides a robust service to our customers.

How the Environmental assessment is conducted:

  • Analysis of water and energy bills.
  • Where appropriate the non intrusive monitoring of water use and electricity to understand and identify how and when water and/or energy are used.
  • Site audit of utility use.
  • Initial audits will be undertaken by the Environmental Technology Centre.
  • Monitoring and reporting of recommendations will be carried out by staff from the Environmental Technology Centre, assisted when necessary by specialist consultants.
  • Comprehensive written report detailing recommendations of positive measures to optimise energy efficiency.
  • Site Resource monitoring is conducted initially, followed by an on-site survey which is undertaken to identify the causes of any suggested energy inefficiencies. This will support an overview of energy utilisation at the site to be compiled, combining resource monitoring, data analysis and on-site practical experience, once completed significant solutions to problems are addressed in the final report.

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