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Energy Management Overview

Management Background

At Torse, we understand that organisations are under increasing pressure to reduce energy costs, comply with new legislation and adhere to their environmental responsibilities. Identifying methods in which you can improve your energy efficiency drives savings to your bottom line.

Torse have a deep understanding of the energy challenges your organisation faces, enabling you to measure, monitor and manage your energy consumption.

A structured approach to energy management will help your organisation to maximise energy efficiency and reduce costs. Torse’s proven methodology provides the ideal platform to achieve real results, ensuring your success throughout each stage.

Management Benefits

  • Reduce costs against a history of increased energy costs and ensure your bottom line doesn't suffer
  • Reduce carbon emissions and promote a green, sustainable image or simply doing your bit for the environment
  • Comply with legislation and excel within the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme or Climate Change Levy
  • Analyse and reduce your demand for energy by controlling it, therefore making it more predictable

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