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Contract Process Overview and FAQ

Torse use a proven tendering process to ensure all operations run efficiently and your gas and electricity requirements are fully met whilst providing the best value. We work with our clients throughout the tendering process to ensure you're always aware of what stage we’re at.

Using our experience we provide advice and recommendations throughout the entire process, ensuring our clients have a smooth and fruitful supplier transition.


Letter of Authority

The Letter of Authority allows Torse to speak to your existing gas or electricity supplier(s) on your behalf. It is not a contract, it simply allows us to collect the relevant energy data to gain you the best prices available. At no stage is there a contract between Torse and our clients. Please click here to download the Torse LoA.


Confirming Contract

The Torse Supplier Management Team communicate with your supplier and ask them to confirm your existing gas or electricity contract details, including: contract end dates, termination notice, meter numbers and consumption figures. All account queries will be resolved.


Notice of Termination

A termination document (NoT) is issued by Torse for signature and served to the supplier, allowing you to retain the choice of supplier, even if you decide to stay with your current gas or electricity options.



The tendering process begins, we ask suppliers to provide the most competitive gas or electricity rates based on your consumption. These are collated and presented as a quote, allowing full and accurate energy comparisons to be made. Recommendations are provided throughout.


Paperwork Issued

Contract paperwork is produced for signature. This must be returned prior to supplier deadlines, to enable Torse to secure the prices quoted. Once the prices are confirmed, we assist the supplier with registration and monitor progress of the supply transfer or contract renewal.

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Your Energy Procurement Questions

  1. How can Torse help you gain improved energy contracts?

    In an extremely volatile market with complex pricing models, securing the best business electricity and gas prices can seem like an impossible task. Given Torse’s stance as an independent brokerage, we’re able to search the ever competitive market to gain you the very best deals on your business energy. At Torse, we’ve been building relationships with both suppliers and distributors since 1994; this market position enables us to ensure we offer our clients the best service at the best price. In addition, our dedicated client management team make sure that whilst providing you with the best rates, we’re also able to offer the very best advice and support, something which suppliers and other brokers lack. All this comes together to ensure you get the best business energy contract for your business.

  2. Will I be cut off while transferring suppliers?

    No, there is no downtime to worry about. The process of switching suppliers means in actual fact you’re only changing your billing provider. The physical supply is provided by the distributor for your area and this cannot be altered.

  3. How long will the supplier transfer take?

    On average the process takes between 2 – 4 weeks to change suppliers. A large percentage of this is dependent on how quick your existing suppliers respond to our requests for information.

  4. How can Torse help after switching suppliers?

    Having arranged your new business energy rates, processed the paperwork and ensured the contract goes ‘live’, Torse continue to offer full support throughout the entirety of the contract. Torse are never more than a phone call away. Our team are available to solve any issue with suppliers, check and double check bills or simply answer any questions you may have. Our experience and expertise means we’re able to put an end to the notoriously bad customer service offered by some suppliers. A few months before your contract expires, Torse will pro-actively contact you to ensure you don’t roll-over onto expensive rates and will start the process of finding you the best available deal once again.

  5. I would like a green energy supply – can you help?

    Many suppliers are now offering different forms of green or renewable energy. Please speak to Torse should you wish to further understand how best to reduce your carbon footprint and start using green energy.

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